Investment materials
IeguldmasasIn this category You can find various products of S&S Scheftner (Germany) and Megadental (Germany) - investment compounds for crowns, bridges and supported arc prosthesis.
LodesIn this category You can find various products of S&S Scheftner (Germany) and Megadental (Germany) – various alloys, soldering pastes and soldering machines.

PlastmasasIn this category You can find various products of S&S Scheftner (Germany) and Megadental (Germany) and Major (Italy) - cold polymerization  denture acrylics with plastic phase, hot polymerization denture acrylic with a short polymerization time, light hardening denture acrylics for individual spoons, self-hardening denture acrylics for individual spoons.

VasksIn this category You can find various waxes (dipping, milling, esthetic, base, modeling etc.), wax wire on spool, adhesive sticks produced by S&S Scheftner (Germany), Morsa (Germany)  and Megadental (Germany).
Auxiliary materials
PaligmaterialiIn this category You can find various auxiliary materials – for ceramics (thermally neutral ceramic trays, fire-safe cotton, mixing bowls, forceps, brushes etc.), wax (brushes and laboratory instruments for modelling), injection techniques, surface tension releasing agents, gingival masks, various pins and laboratory instruments for dental technicians (saws and sawholders, micrometers, knifes for gypsum, wax, modelling instruments, forceps, tweezers, mixing bowles etc.) produced by S&S Scheftner (Germany), Picodent (Germany), Megadental (Germany), Denseo  (Germany), Shera (Germany), Larident (Italy).u.c.).
KeramikaIn this category You can find Wohlwend Vision Low ceramics and Wohlwend Vision Zirkon products produced by Wohlwend (Switzerland).
AtacmentiIn this category You can find various attachments (for fixation of prostheses, supported arc prosthesis, fixators for attachments etc.) produced by  Microtecnor (Italy) and MK1 (Germany).
Processing and polishing
Apstrade_un_pulesanaIn this category You can find various materials for processing and polishing (glass beads, Aluminum Oxide, Bimshtein’s powder, brushes, discs, occlusion sprays, polishing discs, separation discs, discholders, polishing rubbers, polishing pastes and creams, polishing stones etc.) produced by Wiegelmann Dental (Germany), S&S Scheftner (Germany), Megadental (Germany), Major (Germany), Dedeco (Germany), Shera (Germany),  Polirapid (Germany) and  Picodent (Germany).
GipsisIn this category You can find various gypsum (Class 2, 3, 4 and 4+) of Wiegelmann Dental (Germany) and  various  rubber moulds for casting models from gypsum produced by Larident (Italy).
Dublicating materials

Dublejamie_materialiIn this category You can find various dublicating materials of Megadental (Germany), Picodent (Germany) and Larident (Italy) - dublicating materials for gypsum, supported arc prosthesis, plastic-casting method and investment compounds, dublicating silicone for all kinds of investment compounds and laboratory silicone for all types of jobs.


Insulation materials
Izolejamie_materialiIn this category You can find various insulation materials (for wax insulation from wax, gypsum from metal, gypsum from wax, gypsum, metal and plastic, ceramic from gypsum, metal from plastic, separating agents, thinners, hardeners etc. produced by  S&S Scheftner (Germany), Megadental (Germany)  and Picodent (Germany).
Artificial Acrylic Teeth
Maksligie_akrila_zobiIn this category You can find Artificial acrylic teeth produced by Eray Delux (Germany/Тurkey), which are made by the method of triple perfusion.  At ERAY DELUX teeth’s  manufacturing process used acrylic hybrid materials, which increases resistance of artificial teeth. Teeth have good color fluorescence, good compatibility with the colour panel Vita Classic.
IekartasIn this category You can find equipment for  dental technicians (electric knives, micromotors, trimmers etc.) produced by Megadental (Germany), Manfredi (Italy), Larident (Italy) and Mariotti (Italy).

MetaliIn this category You can find various products of S&S Scheftner (Germany), Ankatit Anka (Germany), Adentatec (Germany), Larident (Italy) – various alloys for metal-ceramics and supported arc prosthesis.

Products for Dentists
Preces_zobarstiemIn this category You can find various products for Dentists - dental alginate impression materials, perforated metal impressions trays, containers for storage of prostheses, vessels for disinfection, mouth mirrors, brushes, containers for waste and needles, disinfection and cleaning products etc. produced by  Larident (Italy) and Major Prodotti Dentari (Italy).


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