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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
3C – BOND 20g ZT0221 Call for Pricing 3C – BOND 20g Product Details
Adapteris cirkonija abatmentiem ZT0462 Call for Pricing HBZ - adapter for zirconium abutments Product Details
Adapteris universālai četru stūru galviņai ZT0463 Call for Pricing Universal square ratchet head Product Details
AHTB ZT0399 Call for Pricing AHTB - Arrow Ball Driver for Arrow Press Ball implants Product Details
AHTD ZT0398 Call for Pricing AHTD - Arrow Driver for placement of Arrow and Arrow Press implants Product Details
Aizsargmaska sejai (ietvars+6 maskas) ZT0358 Call for Pricing Protector visors (frame+6shields) Product Details
Akmentiņi pulēšanai (frēzes) 1gab ZT0164 Call for Pricing Polishing stones (mills) 1pcs (for CrCo alloys)
Product Details
Alabaster (universāls, balts) 25kg ZT0030 Call for Pricing Alabaster (universal, white) 25kg Product Details
Alabaster l (universāls,ātri cietējošs) 25kg ZT0031 Call for Pricing Alabaster l (universal, rapid hardening) 25kg Product Details
ALGINKID ZT0337 Call for Pricing ALGINKID - orthodontic alginate for detailed impressions Product Details
ALGINMAJOR ZT0340 Call for Pricing ALGINMAJOR - dental alginate impression material Product Details
ALGINMAX ZT0339 Call for Pricing ALGINMAX - high precision chromatic dental alginate Product Details
ALGINPLUS Fast ZT0338 Call for Pricing ALGINPLUS Fast - the advanced one high precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator Product Details
Allround Star wax kroņiem (dažādās krāsās) 70g ZT0098 Call for Pricing Allround Star wax for crowns (various colour) 70g Product Details
Alumīnija oksīds 25kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) ZT0114 Call for Pricing Aluminium Oxide 25kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) Product Details
Alumīnija oksīds 2kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) ZT0112 Call for Pricing Aluminium Oxide 2kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) Product Details
Alumīnija oksīds 5kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) ZT0113 Call for Pricing Aluminium Oxide 5kg (50mick, 110mick,125mick, 250mick) Product Details
Ankatit B (CrNi bāze,cietība200) 1kg ZT0012 Call for Pricing Ankatit B (CrNi base, hardness 200) 1kg Product Details
Aparāts lodēšanai (LABO) ZT0029 Call for Pricing Soldering machine (LABO) Product Details
ARPB 3,3 (dažādi izmēri) ZT0390 Call for Pricing ARPB 3,3 - Arrow Press Ball implants (10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 15mm) Product Details

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